Exploring Social Media Accounts for Genealogy Research in Austin, Texas

Are you looking for local social media accounts related to genealogy research in Austin, Texas? If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll explore some of the best official resources, subscription services, and social media accounts that can help you with your genealogical research. An excellent starting point is Ancestry.com, the largest online private genealogy database. It offers a subscription service that allows you to access the Austin American Statesman Archives, which includes searchability. Facebook is also a great platform for genealogists, with many groups dedicated to the topic.

We've listed some of our favorites below and focused on the pages that give us “Likes” (pun intended). The Allen County Public Library is well-known for its index of periodic sources, or PERSI. But it also sponsors a Facebook page that provides useful information and opportunities for genealogists. The GenealogyBank newspaper database Facebook page is a great source of laughs, historical intrigue, and solid genealogical information.

It's an ideal place to find new album releases, research tips, and much more. You need a membership to access GenealogyBank's record collections, but the site also regularly publishes links to its free blog.


, also known as The Legal Genealogist, is a pillar of the genealogical community, and his Twitter account is a great way to stay up-to-date with what's happening on his blog. Russell tweets about genealogical news, research and more, all with his distinctive focus on the legal and civic aspects of the genealogical world. You can learn more about past events and how to interact with the National Archives on Twitter in the future by visiting this helpful page on their website.

David Rumsey's map collection

is featured on our list of the 101 best genealogy websites.

Its Instagram account offers stunning close-up views of historic maps and graphics from around the world. While this Instagram account has a small number of posts relative to its age, each one is a work of art that users can easily get lost in. The Newberry Library's Instagram account is like taking a little behind-the-scenes tour of all the hidden gems in the library. It regularly publishes close-ups of photographs, manuscripts, works of art and more. This account also makes excellent use of Instagram Reels so that readers can take a look at what's happening inside a research library, such as reviewing medieval manuscripts and splicing microfilms. When it comes to historical photo accounts on social media, some caution is required.

There have been several popular photo stories that haven't been entirely true. However, the Library of Congress Instagram account is a reliable source for historic photographs, works of art, and more.


is not only great for cupcakes and wedding dresses; it's also an excellent platform for those looking for inspiration. Our favorite followers are people who not only provide useful research tips but also give us creative ideas on how to celebrate and share family history.

British Pathé

was one of the major producers of newscasts, documentaries and other films in 20th century Britain. Since then, it has become an impressive film archive with its digital videos available on its website and on YouTube.

Presenter Matt Baker

, first created UsefulCharts as a line of useful historical wall charts.

On YouTube, Baker takes viewers through his charts and gives practical history lessons at the same time. For more visual and fun history lessons on YouTube, check out Crash Course (especially the channel's American history playlist). Be sure to also check out the channels selected by Family Tree magazine editor Andrew Koch. In addition to these resources, users can explore their DNA genealogy dashboard to see useful graphics that allow them to visualize genetic inheritance. While almost all Texana and Genealogy books are included in the online catalog, items from special collections, maps, scrap files, archival collections, and those that are in microfilms and microfiches do not appear in the catalog.