Uncovering Your Family History in Austin, Texas: A Guide

Are you looking to uncover your family history in Austin, Texas? If so, the Genealogy Center at the Carver Museum and Cultural Center is the perfect place to start. This public resource provides access to genealogical information, such as databases, books, instructional materials and monthly seminars. Although the center is set up as a self-guided experience, it will provide limited genealogical assistance. When researching Texas genealogy, it's important to consider both online and offline sources. Digital files are available online and can provide copies of historical materials or documents.

However, not all of the information you need for Texas genealogy is available digitally. To get the most out of your research, you should also consider offline locations. Massive and historic, the state of Texas is home to an astounding number of individuals and families with connections. This means that any research on Texas genealogy must take into account different offline locations. Most state genealogical research work begins in public records, which tend to fall into three titles or categories. The following websites will provide many important details specific to each state for those looking for Texas genealogical data:.