Unlock Your Family History with Genealogy Workshops in Austin, Texas

Are you eager to uncover the secrets of your family history? The Czech Genealogical Society of Texas is the perfect place to start your journey. This active society supports Czech families in Texas, their language and culture, and organizes conferences, workshops and produces publications. The Society is currently working on two publications: Pamatnik Cechoslovaku, a tribute to the Czechs from Texas who worked together during the First World War to form a sovereign Czech country; and a wedding album. They also help maintain the Genealogy Section of the Gatesville Public Library, which houses genealogical materials such as books and microfilms on local history and family genealogies; as well as an important collection of state and national genealogy books. If you're looking for genealogy workshops in Austin, Texas, the Czech Genealogical Society of Texas is a great place to start.

They offer a variety of events and resources to help you explore your family history. From conferences to publications, they have something for everyone. So don't hesitate to reach out and get involved!.