Uncovering Your Family History in Austin, Texas

Are you looking to uncover your family history in Austin, Texas? The Genealogy Center at the Carver Museum and Cultural Center is the perfect place to start. This public resource provides access to genealogical information such as databases, books, instructional materials and monthly seminars. Although the center is set up as a self-guided experience, it will provide limited genealogical assistance. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the FamilySearch Center in Austin is currently closed until further notice. If you're looking for more in-depth courses related to genealogy, the Texas Genealogical Research Institute (TIGR) is held in odd-numbered years and offers a variety of courses such as Researching Texas Essentials, Advanced Southern Research, DNA for Genealogy and African Americans in the South.

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Czech Genealogical Society of Texas (TCGS), which will be celebrated with a live event on Saturday, September 25th in Caldwell. Additionally, Identifiers International is actively recruiting independent contractors with experience in genetic genealogy to collaborate with law enforcement in resolving cases. If you're thinking of redoing some of the genealogy you did when you were a “baby genealogist”, you might want to start with the free e-book Genealogy Do-Over Workbook by Thomas MacEntee. Additionally, if you are interested in the family stories, memoirs and genealogies of the German Heritage Society of Texas, board member Margo Blevins would like to hear from you how they can make those properties more accessible. The Texas Genealogical Research Institute (TIGR) will be held virtually from June 13th to 18th this year. Course topics include research in the courts of Texas, intermediate and advanced DNA, the search for Mexican descendants, forensic genealogy, understanding the laws of the Lone Star State, reconstruction following the civil zone, and African-Americans in the south.

Betty Fowler and Dee Sanchez won the two Jean and John Marostica scholarships to attend this year's session.